My Tribe – Natural Family Photography

May 26, 2016

MY TRIBE – Natural Family Photography

I celebrated my birthday at the weekend. Another year closer to !!40!! I made one request from my family; that we spend the day – TOGETHER – UNPLUGGED. We get so caught up in our daily routine and the stress of life that I wanted ((needed)) to take a step back and relish my family at this point in time. And relish I did!

A short drive in the car had us ending up at Mount Macedon. WOW! A quaint little town nestled in amongst tall gum trees and autumnal beauties. The main street dotted with deciduous trees and grand gates opening to opulent gardens and stately homes.

Nothing I love more than being in nature with my babes and all their kookiness. During the week it’s so hard to find the time to just ‘be’ when there’s shit to be done. Life’s too short to not enjoy the simple pleasures. Like the tiny wondrous mushrooms growing on the side of a tree (scroll down you’ll see what I mean).

~ Vicky ~ xx
Keeping it simple – Keeping it real


Beautiful Vicky! Isn’t Mount Macedon beautiful? We got married there :-) Just love these images and how special they are to you so much and looks like your hubby is quite the photographer too – go him! Or go you, the teacher! xx

So gorgeous, Vicky! What a beautiful spot, and such pretty light! I’m happy to see you in some of the pictures too! xx

Thanks Lyn. Yes my apprentice did good hey? hahaha