Motherhood Story Session

Are you the photographer in the family? You know, the one who’s always got their phone out snapping away at all your little one’s milestones and never existing in any photos yourself. Maybe you've been putting off having a photography session because it's never been the right time and now you've realised so much time has passed. This is why this session is for you!

It’s so important to get in the picture with our kids and be present in their photo memories. They’ll mean so much more for them (and you) in the future.

So if you’re keen to spend some chill time with your wee ones and receive some seriously beautiful images that tug (hard) at your mumma heart strings, get in touch.

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good vibes

Oh my love! You certainly exceeded my expectations. I have said before that that morning was so chaotic, I felt so frazzled and the kids were a f*cking wreck and I thought it was going to be a total waste of your time, that we wouldn’t get any notable pics. Damn I was wrong. I am so in love with all my images. The best thing though is that the chaos of that day is there, the juggle, the sleeplessness and it is as I can now see, beautiful. You are exceptional at what you does. I am in love with every moment you've captured during our session. Your calm and warm presence made me feel so comfortable and relaxed to just go with the flow.

Just you and I

I was so happy with my entire experience, every expectation l had was surpassed. I will definitely call on Vicky again in the future to capture more beautifully heartfelt family moments.

kel's minors

You provided a wonderful experience! We really enjoyed the session and LOVE the photos! We will always treasure the photographs that you made for us. You perfectly captured the little moments that I cherish and hope to remember forever. Can’t thank you enough, Vicky!


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