Maternity Photography

Your journey into motherhood is a time filled with so many emotions, creating a life inside you, nurturing the changes in your body as you grow a little baby. It could be that you've been down this familiar road before and never had the chance to document it or that this is a whole new world with your first baby.

Before the hustle and bustle of the new addition to your family begins, take the time to pause and celebrate you… your body and its achievements.

There really is nothing more empowering than embracing the now of your femininity. This special time – the 9 months that can sometimes seem to go on forever but really, are so fleeting in the grand scale of things.

The best time to complete a maternity session is when you are between 34-37 weeks pregnant. We can do it in your home or your favourite place, the beach, a local park wherever you feel most comfortable. Bundle a Newborn Photography sessions with your Maternity session and save. Just enquire at the time of booking.


When is the best time to book and have a maternity shoot?
It’s best to book your maternity shoot well in advance. Maternity sessions are usually held at 32 -37 weeks. You can even bundle your maternity session with a newborn session for added value.

Where can I have my maternity shoot?
I’m an on location photographer, so anywhere you feel comfortable. At home for amore intimate feel, at the beach or park.  A place that makes you feel confident and happy.

Can my family come too?
Sure why not? Your immediate family members are invited to your session. This can be as much about them as it is about you.