Which newborn session is right for you?

Lifestyle Newborn session is styled very naturally.

Lifestyle Sessions capture your natural interaction and your connection with your brand new bubba. Those infinite loving stares as you marvel at your sleeping babe, the sweet smell of your newborn, the tenderness of your touches, their itty bitty details. That newborn love bubble you want to be in forever! This session has a ‘go with the flow’ vibe and is absolutely perfect when older siblings are present. The brilliant thing about Lifestyle Sessions is they can be done at any age within the first month and even beyond this time frame too. Even if you’ve had your baby and you haven’t had a chance to book a photographer yet, give me buzz, I may be able to fit you in.

Newborn Posed session styles your baby using more organic raw poses.

Posed and Lifestyle Sessions give you everything you love about the lifestyle session as well as natural posed styling too. If you love the squishy sleepy photos of tiny babies delicately tucked and gently curled into different poses, then this is the session for you. My poses have a raw organic look and feel without feeling too over styled. I have a selection of textures, fabrics and wraps that I love to use. Your baby’s safety is paramount and I never put them at risk with dangerous posing. This type of session needs to be organised well in advance, while you’re still pregnant. It’s important to photograph your baby within the first 2 weeks. This is when they’re still sleepy and curly which makes posing them much easier.


At what age do you photograph newborns?
The best age to photograph a newborn is when they’re under 12 days old. Yes really! During this time newborns are still very sleepy and they don’t mind being moved from pose to pose once they have a full tummy. However, beautiful images of your newborn can be photographed at any stage, you should know that once beyond this “new” stage, capturing those curly poses may not be possible, as your baby may be more wakeful and alert, so a lifestyle session will be more suited.

When do I need to book a newborn session?
To avoid disappointment, please get in contact with me well before your baby is due so I can pencil in your due date, to make a booking. Ideally 3 months notice will ensure your baby’s first moments will be documented for years to come.

Where is a newborn photoshoot held?
A newborn session typically takes 3 – 4 hours in the comfort of your own home. Custom styling with a wide array of props will be supplied. Please inform me prior to your session if you have certain colours or items in mind. I require a space of about 2m x 2m to setup, either next to a large window or in a well-lit room.

What can I expect from a newborn session?
After booking a session you’ll be asked to complete a session questionnaire. This will guide me through your expectations and together we can tailor a session that you will walk away from extremely pleased. Most of the session will be about your gorgeous new arrival, however there are 2 parts to my session. My photography style includes both posed and lifestyle. I love to include all family members in my session, as it tells your story as a family. Siblings are a must, as well as mum and dad, even pets should join in too! The family photos are more relaxed, natural and embrace the connection between one another. Your newborn’s portraits will be both posed with my gorgeous props and also lifestyle based.

I’ve already had my baby, is it too late?
Absolutely not. My Lifestyle sessions can be done and any age in the first couple of months. My Posed session does require a bit of forward planning however as this session needs to done in the first 2 weeks of your baby’s arrival. Needless to say, shoot me an enquiry you never know I make have last minute availability.



Baby George

I could not be happier with how the shoot and prints turned out. Your passion for what you do shows in every push of the shutter. You are so proficient and professional, calming baby and taking his picture simultaneously. It was a pleasure to have you capture George's first weeks and how we feel about him, I think that shines through in every shot. Everyone that has seen the shots is just in awe of the way you have captured and used the natural light, the photos all have such a special feel.

Sweet Talulah

Vicky was as beautiful with our three year old as she was with our newborn. We will treasure the amazing collection of photos which perfectly capture this special but fleeting time in our lives.


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