Why I hired a menstrual coach

June 15, 2020

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve pretty much always been in conflict with my period. I’ve never had a regular cycle, EVER. It is fair to say that it’s always been regularly irregular and that was normal for me. Or was it? Enter Michaela a menstrual coach.

After meeting Michaela from Empress Crow and Rabbit and working very closely with her building her brand with a women in biz photography session, I resonated with so much of her offering. I also quickly realised how little I knew about my physical self. Intrigued, I adopted some of her suggestions like seed cycling with amazing results. I wanted more!  

I learnt pretty quickly that there was a better normal for me, whilst working with Michaela. I moved out of fighting with my mind and body, to an empowered and positive mindset. My coaching series with Michaela was more than just understanding the chemical fluctuations in my body each month, it gave me the power to harness it in my daily life and business schedule. This my friends, is completely invaluable information. Not only am I more in-tune with my body, I celebrate it. 

So lets get stuck into it shall we? Why would I recommend women in business or any woman for that matter hire a menstrual coach?

Here are my 3 key take always.

1. Accountability

One tough thing about being the boss of your business is, there’s so many things on the to do list and only so many hours in a day, that it’s pretty easy to let things slide. I mean, another long lunch meeting wouldn’t hurt right? It’s also easy to get caught up on working in your business, servicing clients etc, rather than working on your business. Setting aside time and working through goal setting and creating a plan on how you can achieve it really takes out the overwhelm.

2. Mindset 

This is a real biggy. A shift in my mindset gave me the capability to powerfully plan out my month, and this has made me super efficient. I cannot begin to tell you how invaluable Michaela’s coaching has been for me in this area. Understanding my body and brain’s functions during my cycle has freed me from what used to be a burden. This really highlighted the disconnect I had with my body.

3. Valuable insights 

My cycle not only empowers me now, but it gives me clarity on my strengths at any given time. Also aiding my success during the month by fuelling my body with the right type of food needed for each phase. Not to push myself during times when going inward and reflection was called for. How to strengthen my physical body without putting too much stress on it. When the best time for pumping out work is. When to ask for support! Ahh the list goes on. The pressure has eased to complete my mile-long to do list, because I know how much I’m capable of doing on any given day. I’m in sync, and I now trust my body’s wisdom.

Lastly I got to celebrate my wins. ALL OF THEM!

Something I rarely do. So much of my time was consumed with the negatives. Again putting pressure on myself to keep pushing for MORE. My inner critic was having a field day!! This has a lot to do with self love and highlighted for me that I was nowhere near the top of my own priorities. How can I love others unconditionally when I had so many conditions placed upon myself?

Michaela from Empress Crow and Rabbit came in to my life at the perfect timing. Her wealth of knowledge, charisma and compassionate listening got me out of my stuck-ness. If you can hear yourself in any of the above written words maybe a menstrual coach is something to look into. Michaela has also just released her new book My S.U.P.E.R.R. Cycle.

Here’s a few images from Michaela’s Branding session. Needless to say we had a bunch of fun. Can you tell? Hair and makeup by the delightful Sally Kuter.